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Liquor Licensee Training

A series of workshops and presentations designed to help you succeed in your business as a liquor licensee.

Offered in conjunction with The Michigan Licensed Beverage Association and:

  • The Michigan Liquor Control Commission
  • The Office of Highway Safety Planning
  • The Michigan Department of Agriculture, Food & Dairy Division
  • The Michigan Lottery Bureau
  • BMI

RESPONSIBILITY. As an owner/manager, it is important for you to be educated in responsible serving & ID checking techniques, health sanitation issues and to be knowledgeable of Michigan Liquor Control Code rules & regulations. The New Licensee Seminar is specifically tailored to your business and was developed to help you be successful for years to come.

As a new licensee or manager, it is crucial for you to be knowledgeable of the issues relating to your business. A major challenge to running a successful business as an alcohol licensee is employing responsible employees. One way to ensure that your employees know how to serve alcohol responsibly is to have them attend an alcohol management seminar, such as the Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM)®.

An Educational Opportunity Offered by the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association and Techniques of Alcohol Management.





Click Here for more information and the Current TAM® Classroom Schedule.

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