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Benefits: Legislative

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The MLBA is your direct link to legislative issues in Lansing. Your membership gives you a voice in government on the decisions that affect your industry and your business. With our new Legislative Action Center, you can track bills that affect your business and write to your legislators.

More than 100 pieces of legislation that affect your business are introduced in the legislature each year. No other industry in Michigan is as heavily regulated by government. Throughout the support and unity of members, the MLBA's Lobbyists and the MLBA Political Action Committee, the MLBA's legislative clout achieves results.

The MLBA has one of the most active PACs representing the hospitality industry in Michigan, not only through actual dollars, but through legislative activity as well. The association's stature in Lansing is evident by our recent successes, such as:

  • Working with MLCC in the attempt to pass the Conditional License bill, which will ensure a smooth transition between buyer and seller during the license transfer process.
  • Establishing working relationships with the Michigan State Police, Sheriff's Association, Secretary of State, Office of Highway Safety Planning, Health Department and the Liquor Control Commission. MLBA representatives now serve on task forces advising all of these agencies.
  • Constantly fighting to make sure that the new delivery system is fair to small businesses.

More important, however, is the work that is ongoing and goals that still need to be accomplished, such as:

  • Easing LCC restrictions on promotional activities, signs, and entertainment.
  • Adding the word "knowingly" to certain violations so proof you knew a violation occurred within your establishment must be provided.
  • Allowing secondary use items in your establishment; i.e. promotional coasters, logoed pint glasses, etc.
  • Allowing the ability to extend credit to your patrons
  • Working to lessen the burden of smoking bans throughout Michigan.
  • Working with the MLCC to reduce the number of licenses issued, making your license more valuable.





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