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Beware of Vendor Reps Bearing Gifts!

Ok, you just had a visit from your liquor vendor rep who has told you about all of his new products.  Oh, and he just happened to hand you 4 Red Wings tickets and suggested you have a contest to award them to one of your customers.  Maybe have them buy one of the new products he just told you about to qualify for the tickets in a drawing.

What is wrong with this picture?

Licenses in Escrow? Time to Pay Up

Do you have a license in Escrow?  YOU NEED TO ACT NOW! Please be aware that the current Michigan Liquor Control Commission has a different interpretation of Rule 436.1107 than previous commissions.  

If your license is in escrow because there is litigation pending or your building incurred damages that caused the business to close you were not charged for the renewal fees in the past.




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