• Bird Smith (2000-2004)
  • Steve Warmington (2004-2005)
  • Rick Roberson (2005-2012)
  • Rick Swindlehurst (2012-Present)


  • Smoking ban
  • Secondary Use
  • Tax issues

MLBA fought for clearer guidelines and penalties on super drunk legislation

Fought tax increases to liquor taxes in the early 2000s, proposed by Gov. Granholm

Worked with legislature on 0.08 BAC sunset clause, where 0.08 would revert back to 0.1 in ten years. In 2013 another 10 year sunset clause was enacted.

MLBA worked hard to stop the smoking ban, or at least let the decision rest with owners as to making their businesses smokeless or not, but the ban passed took effect in May 2010.

Worked against MADD to keep ignition interlock systems out of vehicles of non-offenders. MADD wanted ignition interlocks to come standard in all vehicles.

In 2006, MLBA encouraged the state to promote tourism to keep residents in Michigan and bring in more tourists from out of state. This would later become the Pure Michigan campaigns. In 2014, the Pure Michigan campaign helped bring in $1.2 billion from out-of-state visitors alone.

MLBA fought to extend hours to 4 a.m. The law currently requires liquor sales to end at 2 a.m.

In 2012, MLBA partnered with OHSP on safe driving campaigns during major summer holidays. Garnered positive responses from members as it goes along with our own credo of responsible service.

Worked with legislature to keep drunk driving penalties relative to offense through “graduated system” of punishments. MLBA did not want “super drunk” drivers to have the same penalties as someone at 0.8, or first time offenders to have the same punishments as multiple offenders.