A Message to Members from MLBA Executive Director Scott Ellis


I am writing because I want all of you to know that I understand the frustrations that you are experiencing due to the coronavirus. As you all know by now, Governor Whitmer extended the closure of bars and restaurants until April 13. I know this is hard news for many of you to read.

The MLBA has been sending out as much information regarding financial assistance as we have available. We are continuing to work to find you more and better options and we will have more details for you tomorrow.

Many of you are disappointed, anxious and concerned about not only your physical well-being, but also your financial well-being. In these hard times, it’s important to separate what is in your control and what is not. Focus on the things that are in your control and work from there. We can’t always choose the cards we’re dealt, but we can always choose our response.

If anyone has any questions, please stay connected with the MLBA. If you need support, let us know. Talk to others in the industry and see what they are planning and doing to survive this crisis. And please remember, you are not alone.

Thank you.

Scott Ellis
MLBA Executive Director