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What is KonekTV?
KonekTV is a digital signage solution and the world’s leading brick-and-mortar platform for sports betting education, information, and promotions, in states that are legalizing sports betting, such as Michigan! KonekTV powers ad platforms and sports betting content at neighborhood bars, restaurant chains, stadiums, arenas and casinos around the country.
What can KonekTV do for your business? 
1. FREE Membership – FREE membership in the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association for 1 year (value $295), just for signing up with KonekTV, with eligibility to have dues paid again in following years!
2. FREE KonekTV – KonekTV comes at no cost to you! We just require that you dedicate one or more of your screens to display content related to sports, sports betting, and of course, your food and beverages.
3. Increased Customer Engagement – Sports and sports betting programming that runs around the clock keeps your patrons in your bar longer and spending more!
4. Promotional Distancing – Your KTV app allows you to manage your screen from your phone and swap on-screen ads within minutes, while replacing physically printed materials, which are printed materials, which are expensive and take time to produce.
Team & Story
The Story – We own dozens of bars, so we invented a plug-and-play solution from the venue operator’s perspective, KonekTV provides an on-screen platform for content and advertising to drive incremental visitation, loyalty and revenue.
As bar owners, we’re proud to partner with the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association and support bars and taverns during the COVID-19 crisis. We’re happy to help you with your Membership Dues to help with your bottom line, helping to build Michigan’s leading association representing taverns and restaurants at the state capitol. We’re also happy to provide you with free access to our product and service.
The Team – KonekTV’s team is compromised of passionate, experienced veterans in the hospitality, sports betting and technology industries. We build great products with a focus on your venue type and demographic, and ensure that our products work seamlessly and are optimized for your locations and customers.
Contact – To receive your free KonekTV and membership in the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association please email: