Rebate Program






MLBA has partnered with RNDC (Republic National Distributing Company) to create a quarterly rebate program for our members.

Each quarter, a number of essential non-alcoholic items will be chosen for this rebate program. Members will receive a 15 percent rebate if they call the MLBA office, join the rebate program at any time during the quarterly period and purchase any of the listed products during that quarter.

This second quarter (July – Sept.) features the products in the infographic pictured on the right.

“This program allows a price-competitive advantage for your members over places that are not a part of your association,” said RNDC Director of Marketing Jim Weak. “It also gets us (RNDC) exposure to customers that would probably not be doing business with us without this program.”

As an example, if a bar purchases two cases of McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix per month, which equals six cases per quarter, a 15 percent rebate will save them just over $50. And that’s only on one product. Utilizing this rebate for multiple products during each quarter might even save you enough to pay your membership dues each year.

In order to join the rebate program, members just need to call the MLBA office and say they’d like to be a part of the program. For more information, please call Brittany Mackey at the MLBA office at (800) 292-2896 ext. 110 or check out the MLBA website.

“Most of these products are things that bars are already purchasing anyway,” said MLBA Executive Director Scott Ellis. “We hope we can get a lot of members participating in this program and we look forward to saving them some money.”

At the end of each quarter, RNDC will total up the dollar amount each member will receive from the rebate and the MLBA will cut a check to each participating establishment.

As is the norm, if members are not purchasing these items with an alcohol order, there is a $100 minimum order for non-alcoholic purchases only.

(Note: At this current time, this rebate program is unavailable for MLBA members in the upper peninsula due to how products are distributed. We are working to resolve this issue.)