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SIGN: Vaccinated Individuals


We have received a large number of calls regarding new signage given the MDHHS’ updated epidemic order.    This sign meets the requirements of a “good faith effort” establishments must abide by when it comes to face masks. You can read more about this below.   


From the order:   
Indoor face mask requirement
Except as specified in section 7, all persons participating in indoor gatherings are required to wear a face mask.

A person responsible for an establishment, or an agent of such person, must prohibit gatherings of any kind at their establishment unless the person makes a good faith effort to ensure that all persons at their establishment (including employees) comply with section 6(a). For purposes of this section, a “good faith effort” may include any of the following: posting a sign notifying people that wearing a mask is required unless a person falls into a specified exception; asking patrons not wearing masks whether they fall into a specified exception; requiring face masks of all patrons and employees; or any other policy designed to ensure compliance with section 6(a).    

On another note, we are still working to get MIOSHA to change its workplace safety rules to reflect the newest MDHHS order. If changed, employees would no longer have to abide by a mask mandate. We hope to have more news for you about this soon.    Thank you.    – MLBA Staff –