TAM partners with MSU to train hospitality students

Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM®) recently partnered with Michigan State University (MSU) to better prepare students for a hospitality career after graduation. TAM® is a state-approved alcohol server training course that provides students with  in-depth knowledge of alcohol safety, proper procedures and laws.

“The addition of TAM® training to the course on Hospitality Food Operations will identify and provide senior students with the requisite information on Alcohol Management. They will assume management positions upon graduation in hospitality operations,” said Allan Sherwin, professor of culinary management. “Alcohol is a significant component of the majority of food operations and TAM® training and certification will provide the students with a level of competence that employers desire. The validation of the training will increase their credibility for potential employment in the industry.”

The TAM® course is now a component of the Hospitality Food Operations class. Over a two week period, beginning October 31, MSU hospitality students went through two days of instruction and one day of testing to get their TAM® certification. Fifty-nine students participated in the first course offered.

“TAM training also assists in providing a realistic mirror of industry standards to the course which focuses on delivering outcomes that directly reflect what is necessary for successful entry into hospitality management positions,” Sherwin said. “Students who enroll in this course have completed two four hundred hour modules of internship in related hospitality operations. The addition and certification of TAM training is a valuable component of the course which in turn is a favorable reflection on The School of Hospitality Business and Michigan State University.”

In Michigan, it is required that every on-premises alcohol-selling establishment has at least one person on duty who has a valid server training certificate from a state-approved alcohol server training education course. TAM®, which is owned by the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association (MLBA), has been educating servers and sellers of alcohol since 1983.

“Most of these students would end up taking this class, or a similar one, after graduation. By providing them with this knowledge while they are still in college will be beneficial to their understanding of the industry before graduating and entering the workforce,” said MLBA Executive Director Scott Ellis. “TAM® is very excited to call MSU a partner in this venture. The more educated students are about how to properly and safely serve alcohol, the better. TAM® will do just that.”