The MLBA has been in contact with the MLCC regarding the new online liquor ordering system. Until further notice, please use the old online ordering system. We will be working with the MLCC to keep you updated on their progress. Thank you very much.


Due to the high volume of licensees updating email addresses for the new Online Liquor Ordering (OLO) system, we have delayed the go-live date to Tuesday, June 18th. Any registration emails received prior to June 5th should be disregarded. Licensees will be receiving a new invitation/token emails soon.

Access to the new system requires an e-mail address to be in the current system, however, the current system does not require one so we have some licensees that do not have an e-mail listed. We are trying our best to get those entered and/or updated prior to go-live.

The registration link to the new system will not be active before June 18. After go-live of the new system, the existing OLO site will not allow liquor ordering. All orders must be placed using the new system.

All liquor orders should continue to be placed in the current system that licensees have been using and have log-in information for until the new system in launched on June 18.

We have a notice posted on the current system when licensees log-in that indicates that go-live is delayed and provides some information.

We are also sending out e-mails today and over the next few days with better information/instructions along with new tokens to use to register in the new system on the 18th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the MLBA office at (517) 374-9611.

Thank you.